DB-S Sanding unit

Even sanding for various
applications with the
DB-S disc brush unit

By Ralf Sundmaeker

Having worked in the woodworking industry since 1985 and lived in South East Asia for over 25 years, Ralf Sundmaeker is currently based in Bangkok and is responsible for the Machinery business unit at Steinert Co Ltd.

Steinert Co Ltd distributor of Heesemann Sanding Technology, has introduced the latest developments in the DB-S sanding unit. The Heesemann DB-S disc brush unit ensures an even sanding pattern in a variety of applications and can be added to any machine configuration. this unit. For instance sharp workpiece edges are slightly rounded in the same pass, minimising the need for additional manual work. The unit can also be used for structuring via a tool change which the company claimed would take “less than two minutes”. By changing to flat sanding discs with Velcro, other materials, such as Corian surfaces, can also be processed.

TECHNICAL DETAILS The DB-S consists of five satellites, or six satellites with a sanding width of up to 1,600mm, each of which holds two disc brushes with a diameter of 150mm. The direction and speed of rotation of the satellites and platter can be adjusted independently for optimal flexibility and performance of the application.
Different plates can be used depending on the application. For instance, discs with sanding strips can be used for processing three-dimensional workpieces, for breaking the edges, or for intermediate lacquer sanding; discs with Anderlon or stranded wire
trimmings can be used for structuring or texturing, sanding pad discs, or for
sanding and refining the surface.
The DB-S circular brush unit can also be used as the last unit in a sanding machine, resulting in a homogeneous surface. In addition to wood, the DB-S can also be used for sanding
paint, mineral materials, plastics, or metals.
For easy tool or application changes, the DB-S can be pulled out of the side of the machine on integrated rails, thus all plates are accessible. With the quick-release fasteners, the tools can be changed within minutes. P

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