Steinert Daily News (Feb 2021)

During the recent months online business in almost all industries increased due to the Covid-19 situation. Online business and delivery however require quick and safe packaging of goods. Steinert and Edda offer various solutions in the field of stretch foil wrapping. 

The Edda Magic 450 is a versatile and half automatic wrapping machine for narrow parts. The investment is very moderate but the advantages and benefits are huge. Anything below the width of 450 mm can pass through the tunnel and be wrapped with stretch foil for protection such as small cartons, any profiles, wooden beams, parquet and so on.

But not only small and narrow parts can be wrapped – the automatic Spinner with driven in- and out-feed conveyors is available up to 1800 mm width and can wrap almost anything like complete furniture components or ready assembled sofas in one go. Naturally any other material being large or small can be wrapped in the same manner.  For further protection of delicate surfaces the Spinner can be equipped with an additional protective foil unit which runs in synchronization with the stretch foil.

Please let us know your demands and we provide the solution to safeguard your products and to reduce manpower for manual packing.