Foam & Mattress Bonding​

  • SBS / solvent based foam glues with 40/50/60/75 % solid content
  • CR and Acrylic Waterbased glues (manual and automatic)
  • APAO & PSA Hotmelt adhesives (manual and automatic)

Sofa & Chair Manufacturing​

  • SBS/solvent based glues with 40/50/60/75 % solid content
  • CR solvent based contact adhesives
  • CR water based contact adhesives

Pocket Spring Assembly​

  • EVA Hotmelt adhesives
  • PO Hotmelt adhesives 

Quilting & Sewing​

  • CF Polyester Thread for Multineedle quilting
  • (Poly/ Poly) Core Spun Polyester Thread for Sofa and Textile sewing
  • Spun Polyester for fabric sewing
  • Aramid (Para/Meta) for fire safe application


  • Non woven hard & soft felt for mattress
  • Solid nonwoven laminated with Spunbond interlining weighing for sofa
  • Polyester felt & cotton padding

Textile Lamination

  • Polyurethane adhesives for high resistance wear
  • CoPA powder adhesives for speciality lamination
  • EVA / PE / PA Film for various textile applications

Sewing & Embroidery

  • HT CF Polyerster threads for special lingerie chiffly application
  • Poly/Poly Core Spun Polyester threads for Suits and Denim wear
  • Spun Polyester threads for Apparel , Denim, Suits etc.
  • Meta-aramid thread for safety / work wear

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