Calibration, fine sanding and lacquer sanding with the portfolio of HEESEMANN and HOUFEX to always offer the best solution for each requirement.

HSM .2/.3

Wide-Belt Sander
  • Heesemann standard sander with up to 15 m/min feed speed
  • Suitable for calibration & fine sanding
  • Solid wood/lacquer/high gloss sanding with 2 and 3 head models

MFA 10

Wide-Belt Sander
  • For all sanding requirements with up to 80 m/min feed speed or more
  • Up to 5 sanding aggregates in any combination and set up
  • Available as top & bottom sander

Spray KRBM 1700

Automatic Spray Machine
  • Spray coating at 2- 5 m/min of all kind of paints
  • Cleaning machine at the infeed side
  • Paint recovery system and belt cleaning station

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