CNC Machines

AES the complete solution for drilling, boring, engraving, nesting and sizing. Various table sizes for multi field operations with 3 or 4 axis units as well as 5 axis models for the most complex operations.


Console CNC Machine
  • Modular with 5/4/3 axis
  • Movable vacuum consoles & blocks
  • Ideal for 5 side drilling/boring/cutting


Nesting CNC Machine
  • Nesting & engraving solution
  • Automatic tool changer with 8 tools
  • Economical nesting solution

Sirius 950M

CNC 5 Side Drilling
  • Suitable for 5 side processing
  • Ideal for drilling/engraving application with routing spindle
  • PC based control unit for CAD/CAM


5 axes CNC for processing of parts of any shape
  • 5 axes with most flexible spindle arrangements
  • Fully CNC controlled movements incl. rail and pods
  • 2 to 4 table configuration

Tormat Joker

CNC Centre
  • For chair, table and sofa legs
  • 1000 & 1500mm working width in 4 or 5 axes configuration
  • 2 electrospindles, Lathe Knife, Cutter Block, Sanding Unit

MZ Pluris

CNC Band Saw
  • CNC Band Sawing Centre
  • Linear band saws
  • Solid Wood ripping and cross-cut saw

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