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What's Flamm?

Rustled up on the border of France and Germany, the flammkuchen is also known as tarte flambee, or ‘flame cake’. This name – alongside being awesome – refers to the super high temperature needed to cook the dough to its signature thin and crispy finish.So, we have the cracker-thin crust. But what goes on top?

Flammkuchen’s traditional topping is crème fraiche. This creamy addition gives a savoury flavour to the dish, tartly contrasting the crispiness of the crust.Unlike your traditional pizza, flammkuchen can be a starter, main, or dessert. Get mini ones for appetisers, pile high with toppings for a hearty main, and cover in all things sweet for pudding.

Variety of Flavors

The flammkuchen is the cooler, niche cousin of the thin-crust Italian Pizza. It’s as versatile, tasty and fun as the universally adored pie, but lighter, healthier and oh so yummy!

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