Window Manufacturing

  • 1&2 component PUR adhesives for aluminum corner bonding
  • Sealants for cold PVC welding
  • Special cleaners for PVC and powder coated Aluminum


  • Special high grade silicone sealants with salt water resistance
  • PU & Hybrid sealants for joint areas
  • PU Foam gun grade and handheld versions for door and window installation

Glass Lamination

  • Colored and transparent EVA Films for glass lamination
  • Special EVA films for insert lamination


  • Primer and Self leveling compounds
  • PU based Moisture barrier
  • Water-based & solvent based product for rubber, conductive, specialty floors
  • Hybrid sealant for wooden parquet floors

Industrial Cleaning​

For industrial cleaning, we are offering high quality cleaner in different Solvent levels up to solvent free products from WEISS CHEMIE.

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